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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I was so excited to see 'The Caped Sixth Grader' out in the stores. This was such a fun series to work on, I was thrilled for the opportunity to create such a cute heroine. The premise may not be new, a kid with superpowers, but the story is fairly unique. It's all about her but features her relatives and ancestors and they play an important role as well. The first two are available and I just finished the interior spots for the third book. As far as I know there will be four total and I hope it does well enough to keep going, it's a kick to do.

Things are in gear with the Directory of Illustration 2007 edition. It's my first and while I'm nervous to gauge the outcome, I'm hopeful it will make a big splash. Got the proof and it looked okay, I was bummed the skintones looked a little flat . I could've gotten a new proof made after tweaking the color but they wouldn't send the new version. Time is short and getting it to and from China and back to me was cutting it too close, so it wasn't an option. If I screwed up and made them look too weird, I wouldn't know until the page was in print circulating around the country. So, I passed on the second proof and let it go. We will see! (apprehensive...)

In other news, the Homerun Derby was last night and although I was pulling for David Ortiz, I noticed that Abreau kinda had a power outage. I'm no superstitious nerd but if there is an inkling of a Derby-Curse, I want it the hell away from Ortiz.


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