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Friday, April 04, 2008

um... yeah, I guess I could be a little more timely. Suppose that would be good. But it's not like the world is beating a path to this blog's door, so I don't think being away for a few months makes much of a difference, tee-hee.

Baseball season has begun again and it's all weird because up here in the great white north, we are still smothered in mounds of muddy snow. So pretty. Did I mention I'm really-really-really-really ready for spring? Because I am. A LOT.

As for work, it's been great! Doing a lot of educational things in addition to trying to get my own projects underway. It's been fun, certainly took advantage of the long, cold winter by doing a bunch of different projects. March was very busy so I'm enjoying a tiny break until the next round of craziness begins. Most likely by next week.


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