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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today I am working on my landing page for my future website. I bliz-zow at web design, that is my husband's game, but my plan is to make a whizbang page o'joy where I link to my other portfolio sites and my books and things. However, I'm having major drawing block! I don't know what to draw, this is such a brain freeze. It can be really simple, can be really complex, I'm just not sure what to put down. Erg... but I'll figure it out. Soon!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Back again! Sometimes you get sooooo busy and this blog is certainly evidence of that. Trying to change with the new Directory of Illustration coming out soon, want to be more current.

So there is news to be had, my second picture book- The Grumpy Dump Truck is coming out from Knopf in July 2009. That is very exciting! And of course, feel free to check out my first picture book, Peg Leg Peke, at the Peke-A-Blog: and see how that's going.

I recently got back from a great trip to Europe, mostly Belgium and England. It was fantastic but among all the super fun events, I lucked out and got stuck in the Eurostar/Chunnel nightmare when a fire knocked out all service to and from. Luckily it was a great opportunity to get some sketching in!

Some quick sketches from Brussels Midi train station.

A man reading a newspaper at the Brussels International Airport. I got all my Belgian souvenirs from their duty-free shop. Great trip though, I had a blast.